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Some might ask, what is a WOD? Well the term 'WOD' simply stands for 'Workout of the Day'. Each and every day we post a new workout to train and condition the body. Check out our fresh right out the oven 'workout of the day' and prepare to rage!

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We are actively building a community of fitness by providing the tools and skills used in developing people to help live a happier and healthier life. Our main goal is to help people. We want to create a community of support for those who are looking towards a common goal of fit and healthy. We want to educate, coach and inspire on real life fitness and help boost self-esteem by doing things you thought was impossible. Our CrossFit workouts are done in an energetic and supportive group setting and are scaled to each individual. Meaning, the workouts are modified to give our clients achievable results no matter what level of fitness they may be in.

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