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    A) Strength: Build up to a heavy 3 Rep Snatch Deadlift *15 min B) WOD: Complete for time 400m Run 20 Akbs 10 T2B 5 Hspu  (2 Wall Walks) 200m Run 40 Akbs 20 T2B 10 Hspu (3 Wall Walks) 400m Run 20 Akbs 10 T2B 5 Hspu (2 Wall Walks)


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Cofresi Fitness was established in October 2011 following the principle methods and philosophies of CrossFit. Eventually we switch over to the full spectrum of CrossFit’s programming on March 2012 and CrossFit One Way was born.

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“I was always intimidated by barbells and lifting weights. Never thought it was possible for me to get a personal record of 75 lbs on my push press or even Deadlift 210 lbs at my age until now! Or even keep up with some of the girls in their 20’s. I am more confident and nothing seems impossible anymore.”
Maddy Nunez, -
“CrossFit One Way has become part of my lifestyle. I am healthier, full of energy and in the best shape I have ever been. I can proudly say that I went from a size 11 in jeans to a size 3. Everyday I wake up looking forward to my WOD and sharing time with my CrossFit One Way family.”
Alex Rojas, -

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Crossfit One Way a crossfit gym located in Coral Springs serving the neighboring Parkland and Coconut Creek areas. We are here to motivate our local community to become the fittest they can possibly be. Our Workouts are scaled to personal levels, making Crossfit easy for anyone and every one. Accept the challenge and see why so many are in love with what we do!

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Our youngest member at CrossFit One Way. Start them young. Build them up strong. The world is surrounded by unhealthy choices. Instill in our young ones the difference from being unhealthy and sick to great health and fit. Show them the right choices. It is the parents role to establish a healthy foundation that will

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CrossFit One Way is located in Coral Springs within the Design Row Plaza off Sample Rd between Rock Island and Riverside. Serving Coral Springs, Parkland and Coconut Creek.

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