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If you’re looking for a high intensity, fat burning, cardio base style fitness class without the heavy weights that we do in sometimes do in CrossFit, then this is for you.

Starting this Thursday and Saturday we will be offering 2 FREE Fitness Bootcamp classes. The classes are geared towards elevating the heart rate by introducing cardio induce workouts that will keep those calories burning even after the workout is over. You’ll use your own body weight to low to moderate weights in some of our workouts. Most if not all workouts will bd done outside to hyper kick an extra few ounces of sweat off your body and maybe get a little tan in the mean time. You’ll also be introduced to many core variations that will target each section of those abs. After all summer is coming! Workouts will be for 1 full hour.

Thursday May 5th- 6pm
Saturday May 7th- 9am

Please invite your friends and family to try it out!


Overhead Squat (3Emom- 10 mins)

From floor. Find a relatively challenging weight you can work with while being able to maintain form. Weight stays constant for the whole workout.


Metcon (Time)

For time: 15 min cap

Regional Event 3 for CrossFit Games 2016

*This will be done as a team of 2

208 Wall Balls 20/14

104 Pullups

Rtg- 12 min cap

Rest 2 min…
Split reps with partner however need be

Metcon (Time)

For time: 5 min cap

With your same partner

50 Situps

50 Burpees


50- Stiff leg T2b

50- Burpees over bar
Split reps with partner however need be

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