CrossFit One Way – CrossFit

One Way Fit Camp today at 6pm.
Don’t forget to bring your own mat.

For today’s workout, once the timer starts we will go through all the workouts back to back. There will only be a 2 min break between each wod so we will give you a few minutes to prepare your weights and equipment for each in the beginning of class. Once we start there will be no other break besides the 2 minutes between each workout, so be prepared.


We will be doing a short recap of the muscle up as our warm up


Power Clean N’ Jerk

2EMOM- 10

Complete 2 Power Clean N Jerks every minute on the minute. Work @75% of 1RM CNJ


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


Front Squats @60% of 1RM FS

Rtg- @70% of 1RM FS

Metcon (6 Rounds for reps)

E2MOM 12-

Rx- 3 MUs + 200m Run

Scaled- 6 Pullups, 6 Push-ups + 100m Run

Rtg- 5 MUs + 200m Run

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