CrossFit One Way – CrossFit

Reminder about our One Way Fit Camp at 6pm. Members with an Unlimited Membership also have access to this new program! If you like to add in the bootcamp to your weekly schedule then come and talk to us!

Note: Just to make some clarification. You must decide what class you like to do before you start. Either 6pm CrossFit or 6pm Bootcamp. You cannot stop in one class and move on into the next. This is to keep our Coaches in line with head count of athletes participating. This also prevents disrupting the class and having the Coach explain the workout again to that individual. Safety here would be our biggest concern as not knowing or participating in our warm ups and skill work will only be a bigger risk of injuring yourself. All Coach’s will take this rule very seriously. Thanks for understanding… now moving foward!…


The CrossFit Total (Total Weight)

Must be don’t in order. You have a max of 3 attempts at your Max then move onto the next exercise. You have 1 hour to complete all 3. Bad form on a max will not count. Keep the form on point!

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