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Saturday bootcamp tomorrow. Bring a friend this Saturday and have them experience the bootcamp for FREE!

Reminder that bootcamp is open to all members who have an Unlimited Membership. If you like to add this program with your CrossFit, then come talk to us about upgrading your membership! We are super excited about how our bootcamps been running. We hope to continue this additional program in our One Way house! Please spread the word about it!


Metcon (Time)

For time: 10 min cap

10 Snatches 95/65

8 Snatches 115/75

6 Snatches 135/95

4 Snatches 155/100

2 Snatches 175/105

Scaled- Women will start at 45 lbs then increase by 5 pounds every set. Men will start at 55 lbs and increase by 10 pounds every set.

Rtg- 135/155/175/185/195

Rest 2 mins…

Metcon (Time)

CF Games 2016 Regional Event #2

10 rounds for time: 20 min cap

4 strict muscle-ups

7 strict handstand push-ups

12 kettlebell snatches

M 70 lb. F 53 lb.


10 rounds for time:

12 pull-ups, 12 push-ups

3 Wall Walks

12 kettlebell snatches

M 35 lb. F 25 lb.

Time cap: 20 minutes

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