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Reminder- Don’t forget about your deposit for the cruise. $100 by July 1st. They also sent an email out that you can give a $50 before May 25th! Dual Cabin so find your teammate you going to be sharing the cabin with. Contact Lacey Malone (Group Specialist) to directly book your reservation. Mention CrossFit One Way for the special rate.


Hang Snatch (8×1)

8 mins: Work @ medium weight (across). Focus on tech and catching the bar at the bottom off your squat.


Muscle Snatch (5×2)

8 mins: Work @ medium-heavy weight (across) that will still keep your tech on point. Drive w/ legs and finish at the top without squatting or rebending knees.

Metcon (Time)

For time:

3 Rounds (17 min cap)

15 Burpees

15 Strict Pullups

15 Thruster 95/65

Scaled- Thruster 75/55

Rtg- MU for Strict PU (15 min cap)


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