CrossFit One Way – CrossFit

Join us this Saturday as we cheer on our CrossFit ladies, Jen, Sabrina and Katrina in their team competition. The One Way Divas are ready to put all their hard work at the line and give it their best. 1st workout starts at 930am. More details at the box.


Metcon (Time)

Happy Birthday Coach Mike. Here is your early bday present!

For time:

3 Rounds

37- Dubs/85 Singles

37- Wall Ball Shots 20/14

3 Rounds

37- Dubs/85 Singles

37- Single Arm Kb OHS 53/35

3 Rounds-

37- Dubs/85 Singles

37- Squats

Scaled- Kb- 35/15,18

Rtg- kb- 70/53
*Every 8th min perform- 25 Clusters @50% of your 1RM Clean.

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