CrossFit One Way – CrossFit


Power Snatch + Snatch (1+1) (6×1)

1 Power Snatch followed by 1 Snatch. Bar must reset after Power Snatch. NO TAP AND GO!
Climb. Build to a heavy set as long as form maintains. Rest the bar back on the floor after power Snatch. NO TAP AND GO!..

You should not take more than 20 seconds to complete a set. Record heaviest set.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

Death by Thrusters: 95 lbs/ 65 lbs

1st min- 1 Rep

2nd min- 2 Rep

3rd min- 3 Rep

4th min- 4 Rep

5th min- 5 Rep

continue every minute until you can longer finish in the allotted time.

Scaled- 75/45

Rtg- 135/95

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