CrossFit One Way – CrossFit

Don’t forget to bring your mats to every session!


Metcon (Time)

The Juggernaut Circuit Workout- 400 Reps

For time:

50 Pushups

50 Jumping Squats

50 Australian Pullups/Trx Row

50 Parking spot hop

50 Hspu

50 Alt Pistols

50 B.W Renegade Rows

50 Pushups
Goal is to finish as fast as possible without neglecting form. 2nd goal, to perform each set without having to rest until you finish 50 reps.

*Australian Pullups will be done with Trx band. Rx will put feet on fence and perform a row. Scaled will perform a basic row with feet on floor.

*Parking spot hop. With hands on floor, hop with both feet over the 2 white lines that make the parking spot sections. Rx is hoping over both lines in one leap. Scaled is jumping over one line.

*Hspu. Find a wall or a tree for Rx and must be down to floor. Scaled, Find a wall or tree and climb with feet to perform a inverted pushup

*Pistols. Scaled by doing a 3 second timed squat. i.e- Squat down then count to 3 as you stand up. Repeat for 50 reps.

*Renegade Rows. In pushup position with one arm, touch floor then raise hand to the chest of the same side. 25 each side.

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