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Important note: If you finish your workout, don’t leave early. Cheer your One Way Peeps on. We are a community of incredible people who are all striving to become a better “me.” Let’s keep this encouragement for one another going. It’s always been part of who we are!👊

P.s- Don’t forget to put all your weights and equipment back after your class One Way Peeps. Our Coaches will give out Burpees for those who forget!😲😮

On a lighter note: Today’s workout is called the SQUAT CLINIC.

It’s going to be an intense squat session, but we will break down the fundamentals of this foundational movement. We do this movement in almost every exercise we do.

We will test your form, mobility, and speed in today’s Squat program.

So don’t miss out.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Squat Clinic:

5 Rounds:

30 seconds of air squats

60 seconds of rest
Count your reps. You will tell the Coach what you got every round.

Metcon (Time)

Team of 2:

Complete 300 Air squats for time!

Rtg- 500 Squats for time
Only 1 person at a time can do squats. Break the reps however you need with your partner. We are only accepting a full range squat today! Follow that technique!

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