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Hey One Way Peeps. We do have a LATE TO CLASS POLICY. Read on…


1. The classes are not a come and go at the times you choose too. We offer structured timed classes that our 1 hour long. It’s simple, just follow our schedule and make your full class time. Otherwise it would be a FREE for ALL mad house!

2. Being late takes away time from the class. Now the Coach has to take mins away from another client to explain the details of the workout to the late client.

3. It disrupts the class. Our classes are 60 mins long. When its go time, its all eyes and ears on the Coach. The Coaches are doing their best to explain and show the mechanics for your WOD to minimize risk and maximize results.

4. For your Safety! Our number 1 reason for being late. We don’t want you missing anything when explaining the workout and showing techniques. On top of just trying to jump in a WOD without proper warm up. This leads to injury, and we will do whats necessary to minimize this risk to our clients.

We encourage everyone to be here a few mins before class starts. Get here early enough and get in an extra warm up and be ready to have the Coach explain the workout. That’s all we ask!


Metcon (Weight)

Drill Team Style:

30- Hang Cleans

1 Rep at a time, then drop. And reload new weight if possible.
Class will perform Hang Clean in a drill team style fashion on Coaches cue.

Focus on tech, but build up in weight if you are feeling confident in form or by Coach’s discretion.

Record last weight you finished on.

Metcon (Time)

For Time:

21- Thrusters 95/65

15- Pullups

9- Burpee over bar

15- Thrusters 115/75

9- Chest to bar Pullups

6- Burpee over bar

9- Thruster 135/95

6- Bar Muscle Ups

3- Burpee over bar

Scaled- Ring row

Rtg- Sub P.U for M.U

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