One Way Fit Camp Bodyweight Freestyle Day

CrossFit One Way – One Way Fit Camp

Metcon (No Measure)

Warm up


4 Rounds of:

Group A – Pullup work

Group B- Duck Walk / Inchworm / Frog Jumps / Crab Walks

3 Rounds bodywieght circuit training 40/20

“Super Legs”

Running in place

Squat pulse jumps


Jumping Lunges

“Upper body burn”

Pushup T rotations with leg lift

Mountain climbers with jacks

Pike shoulder tap with pushup

Bear blast with walk back

“Glutes on Fire”

Glute Bridge March

Single Leg glute bridges

Standard two legged glute bridge

“core and shoulder stabilization”

Super Man extensions


Plank hold w/ alternating arm elevation

Hollow Hold

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