One Way FitCamp


Join us Saturday, November 18th for our Annual Potluck! A time for all of us to come together, feast, and have an amazing time. Come dress to impress and bring your family!

When- Sat, November 18th
Where- One Way Fitness (here!)
Time- 7:30pm

Click the link to RSVP and write the dish you are going to bring in.!/showRSVPSignUp/60b0d44a5aa23a2fb6-oneway

CrossFit One Way – One Way Fit Camp

Metcon (No Measure)

4 Circuit Stations. Each station will have groups of 4.

5 Rounds total of 1 minute each station which will be broken down into 5 movements of 20s each. There will only be a 10s transition time

Battle Rope Circuit 1



quarter squat with side slam

crunch oblique twist

Iso squat waves

Pullup Circuit 2

Ring Rows

Body Weight Holds


Ring Rows

Bodywight Holds

Bench Circuit 3


incline pushups

alternating single leg squats

elevated plank to pike

jump squats

Dumbell Circuit 4

Floor Press

Renegade rows

DB skiers

squat and quarter with press

DB situp with over the shoulder rotations

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