One Way Fit Camp


Holiday Schedule:
Xmas Eve WOD- Sunday, Dec 24th @9:30am
Xmas Day- Monday, Dec 25th- CLOSED
New Year’s Eve (End of Year WOD)- Sun, Dec 31st @9:30am
New Year’s Day- Monday, Jan 1st- CLOSED

CrossFit One Way – One Way Fit Camp

Metcon (No Measure)



Super Leg circuit 1

Switch every 15s

Air squat


Quarter jump squats

Jumping lunges

Medball core igniter

Every 30 s

Medball flutter kicks

Medball slam

Medball rollout

Medball oblique slams

Every minute

1)Burpee broad jump reverse bear walks, max push-ups

Rest 30s

2) elevator climbers with knee tuck and jack

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