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Metcon (Time)

Valentine’s Day Workout!

Find your Lover, family or friend and complete for time:

[Barbell- 55/45, DB- 50}

800m Relay Run (split by 200m, no less)

200 Deadlifts 55/45

50 Interlock Team Situps

200 Shoulder to overhead 55/45

50 – Sync Team Burpees (clap teammates hand on jump)

100 DB Alt Jmp Lunges/Goblet Squat (male/female)

50 – Interlock Team Situps

100 Single Arm DB PC/Deadlift (male/female)

50- Team Pistol Squat
Only 1 bar. Add weights if needed when it’s the guys turn. DON’T DROP bar with 10’s on from overhead. (10 Burpees per drop penalty)

Only 1 Dumbell. Movement is seperated by sex. I.e- Male does Alt Jumping Lunges, Female does Goblet Squats. 1 teammate at a time

Burpees at done together at the same time. Clap teammates hands on top of jump.

Team Pistol Squat- Hold partners hands. Both teammates must perform a pistol squat at the same time. That = 1 rep.

All exercises for 50 reps are done together. I.e- 1 Burpee(teamate 1) + 1 Burpee(teammate 2) = 1 REP.

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