One Way FitCamp

One Way Fitness – One Way Fit Camp

Metcon (No Measure)

Bear lateral walk ladder 3:00

2 pushup and bear walk to cone and back

4 pushups, bear walk to cone and back

6 ….8…10…

Inchworm Burpee ladder 3:00

2 burpees, one inchworm walk

4 burpees, two inchworm walk

6 burpees, three inchworm walks

8 burpees, four inchworm walks

10 burpees, 5 inchworm walks

3 Rounds 1 minute each movement with 30 seconds break

KB Russian Swing

KB Curl / Squat/ stand and press

KB Bent over Row

KB upright Rows

Bodyweight Finisher 40/20

jumping lunges to squat

plank knee tuck in and outs

Leg Lifts

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