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Happy Birthday Coach Stan!


Metcon (Time)

Happy Birthday Coach Stan!

For time-

2 Rounds

26 Strict Presses 115/95

26 Strict Hspu

26 Pushups

26 Romanian Deadlift (slow) 115/95

26 Sumo KB Deadlift High Pull

26 Barbell Rows

26 Strict Pullups/ Ring rows x2

26 Strict Toes to Bar/ V ups

Scaled- 75/45

Rtg- 135/95
Romanian Deadlift is done slow and concentrasted. You should feel it in the hamstrings if done correctly.

Attemp strict pullups with band if needed. If not, Double on ring rows Strict x2.

Scaled version on toes to bar is legs slightly bend and raising as high as possible. No knee raises sub for V Ups instead.

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