One Way Fitness – FitX Training

If you’re giving blood today, go light. If not, you are giving us 10x the effort today! Let’s get it!


Romanian Deadlift (5×10)

Deadlift starts at the top. With slight knee bend, descend down maintaing a a straight back until you reach the end of hamstring stretch. Drive back up and flex glutes at the top. (*Do not bend back at any point)
Find a challenging weight that you can perform all 10 reps. Keep weight the same.

Good Mornings (5×10)

Medium weight. Keep weight the same. Conditioning the back. Neutral spine, straight back. Slight bend in the knees.

Metcon (Time)

“I’m not giving blood”

For time:

800m Run

80 Situps

8 Wall Walks

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