One Way Fit Camp

One Way Fitness – One Way Fit Camp

Metcon (No Measure)

SKILL 4 Rounds 1:00 each movement


pullups / ring row

handstand hold

Back to Basics

Goal to Warmup the body and increase heart-rate.

2 ROUNDS 45/15


Mt Climbers

Plank Side Steps

Jumping Lunges

Alternating Knee tucks

Half inchworms (feet to hands)

Clapping Pushups

3 ROUNDS 40/20

Circuit 2

Crab single arm press (R)(L)

Bear step out and in’s with crab switch hip ups

Crab overhead reaches

3 ROUNDS 40/20

Circuit 3

Iso Lunge slamball press

Slam balls

Overhead slamball tosses

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