One Way Fit Camp

One Way Fitness – One Way Fit Camp

Metcon (No Measure)

Groups of 3 per Station. 3 movements per station, switch to the next exercise once time is up before each group moves onto the next station.

1 minute of work, 20seconds to transition to next movement, 1 minute rest before going to next station.

Station 1

Battle Rope alternating waves/ reg waves

Plate squat hold press and raise

DB Glute bridge

Station 2



Jump rope

Station 3

Battle Rope in and out waves / rope slams

Wall ball shots

Plank shoulder to Knee Taps

Station 4

Landmine kneeling shoulder presses

Dead bugs

Landmine rotations

Station 5

KB upright row to goblet squat and press

Slam ball

Bird dogs

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