4th of July

One Way Fitness – FitX Training

Find your team of 4. It’s time to celebrate our independence here in America!


Metcon (Time)

Find your team of 4:

Complete for time

800m Team Buddy Carry

(1 teammate carried at all times)

100 Crossover Team Situps

200 Plan Push Up

(1 does a plank. Other puts feet on teammate to perform a decline pushup)

300 Synch Alt Single Db snatch 50/35

(2 teammates perform snatch in sync.)

400m Team Log Carry

(All Male team 195 lbs)

(All female team 135 lbs)

(Coed team 155 lbs)
*Run- 1 teammate will always be carried during the run. If no oneis carried, you cannot advance. Change when necessary

*Situps- teammates sit in 4 points facing a teammate across from them. Teams of 2 will perform a sit up across from each other and clap hands alternating with the other 2 teammates for the 2nd rep.

*Pushup- 1 teammate does plank, other teammate does pushup with feet on the plank teammates back. When teammate cant hold plan, you must stop pushup

*Alt Synch Db Snatch- 2 teammates go at the same time. When tired, switch with other 2 teammates. Each rep by the 2 teammates going at the same time will count as 1 rep.

*Log Carry- With barbell. Cannot be carried like a back squat. 2 teammates minimum must be carrying the bar.

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