One Way Fitness – One Way Fit Camp

Kettlebell Day
RX 50/35 Scaled 35/25

Will set clock for 16 minutes. Will go through all movements for 1 minute each then repeat from the beginning 1 more time.

Metcon (No Measure)

1- Single Arm Alternating Russian Kettlebell Swings

2- Upright KB Rows

3- KB Press (L)

4- KB Press (R)

rest 5th minute to rehydrate then move onto next movements:

6- KB Deadlifts

7- KB Goblet Squats

8- KB Alternating Lunges(hold KB on shoulder)

9- KB Single Leg Deadlift(30 seconds one leg then other leg)

Rest 10th minute to rehydrate then move onto next movements:

11- KB Around the World( 30 seconds one way then other way)

12- KB Russian Twists

13- KB Side Dips(30 seconds one side then 30 the other side)

14- KB weighted straight arm sit ups

Run 200 meters then will rest before restarting from top

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