One Way Fitness – FitX Training


Metcon (Weight)

Team of 2: 30 min cap.

As much weight as possible:

5- Back Squat (from rack)

20 Burpees

30 V ups

40 Dubs/ 80 Singles
This is like an amrap but the goal is to get the highest combined weight with partner.

With a partner. Both perform 5 back squats (consecutive).

Add weight of back squat for each partner.

I.e- 100 lbs + 100 lbs= 200 lbs score

After each partner performs 5 squats, continue rest of wod. Increase weight on the next round if possible. The goal in 30 mins is to find the heaviest combined weight from both teammates.

*If 1 partner cannot go heavier, but other partner can, then both teammates must still perform 5 reps of their weight to continue with the workout.

*1 person at a time during movement. Alternate however you like.

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